Planta Group LLC was founded in the fall of 2012. We specialize in the marketing of advanced high-tech eco-friendly micro-fertilizers, growth stimulators and anti-stress agents from the Spanish manufacturer Quimicas Meristem S.L. in Ukraine.

Planta Group LLC is the exclusive official MERISTEM™ representative in Ukraine.

The plant nutrition technologies we implement allow to fully reveal the potential of crops and, as a result, grow large and quality harvest. The key work principles of our specialists are high professionalism and responsibility before every customer.


MERISTEM™ products: quality and high yield of your crops.

Quimicas Meristem S.L., located in the southern part of Valencia, Spain, was founded in 1984 for the purpose of developing and manufacturing special plant fertilizers. Since the day of inception, the company has been tirelessly working on developing innovative solutions for the continuously growing agricultural market, which now demands high-tech, eco-friendly products. Today, this company offers a broad range of high-quality fertilizers and eco-friendly supplements for crop growing in the contemporary world.

Today, Quimicas Meristem S.L. has representative offices all over the world: in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America. The company work closely with local distributors, developing products adapted to specific local production conditions.

MERISTEM™ fertilizers are successfully marketed in Spain and other countries of the European Union. Therefore, the company has no choice but to manufacture high-quality fertilizers to make sure that crops grown using its products are compliant with all European requirements.

The company has own laboratories developing new products and controlling product quality. In order to create the right products, the company works with many research institutions.



All MERISTEM™ products are certified and fully compliant with European quality standards. Some of its products can be used in organic agriculture, and have appropriate certificates. Crops grown using MERISTEM™ products are compliant with all EU standards and regulations.



Planta Group LLC is the exclusive official Quimicas Meristem S.L. representative in Ukraine. We operate via the network of our official distributors, working with large agricultural producers and holding companies and with small and medium farms, and guarantee timely and complete delivery of original high-quality MERISTEM™ fertilizers. Our specialists and representatives of our official distributors will provide detailed professional consultations on the use of MERISTEM™ products at all stages of agricultural production. Planta Group LLC has the full range of fertilizers, and offers technologies of crop growing in closed and open soil.

For questions regarding purchase of MERISTEM™ products, please contact our official distributors or Planta Group’s regional representatives.

If you want to become our official distributor, please complete the application form using this link, and we will contact you shortly.


European quality
Verified by professionals
State-of-the-art technologies
Comprehensive approach


Kuznetsov Andrey
General Director
Sharovsky Mikhail
Director for Development
Gregul Alena
Chief Accountant
Tarasyuk Vitaly
Director for Product Development (certified agronomist)
Ischuk Pavel
Wholesale Sales Manager (West-Central Region)
Ilyin Alexander
Wholesale Sales Manager (Southern Region)
Salogub Olga
Logistics and International Operations Manager
Colomian Gregory
Warehouse Manager
Pustova Natalia
Office Manager (Assistant General Director for General Matters)